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PBKP & Associates is a growing accounting firm of Nepal offering a wide range services in the field of Audit, Account, Risk Advisory, Tax Advisory, Due Diligence Review, Investigation, M&A Advisory and Managed Services for National and Multinational Companies of all sizes. We are pioneering Risk Based Audit and Process Based Audit in Nepal.


What we do

We Understand the Business of Clients

We take time to analyze our clients’ business objectives, operations and markets, so that we are properly focused on overall strategy.

We Put new ides to the business

We continually strive to look beyond the obvious and challenge conventional thought to craft innovative business solutions.

We adopt Process Based and Risk Based Approach while advising

Unlike the traditional approach, we adopt Process Based and Risk Based Approach while we work. We first understand the process being followed in the client place and then critically analyze the same comparing with the standard models and advise our client to bring the process to the international standards. We adopt Risk Based Approach while doing auditing and help our clients to establish Enterprise wide Risk Management System.

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Our assurance services include Statutory audit, Tax audit, Special audits and Investigations. Our Assurance assignments are conducted in accordance with the engagement standards issued by the ICAI. Our Audit Methodology is based on the Auditing Standards issued by the ICAI which are converged with the International Auditing Standards. As part of such audit assignments, we assess the adequacy of internal controls and our audit findings also reflect suggestions for improvement of such controls. We also assist in conversion of accounts in accordance with NFRS.


Risk Advisory

We assist clients in enhancing risk management; improving performance and operating efficiency while providing the foundation to achieve better business performance.
We work to build internal audit into a strategic and productive tool in today’s corporate governance environment and simultaneously strive to advise our clients regarding strategic and operational risks.
We serve clients in diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Trading, Information Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Credit Rating Agencies, Banking, Textiles, Automotive, Cooperative Societies, FMCG, Infrastructure, Non-Profit Organizations, Engineering, Pharma, Construction, etc.

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Tax Advisory

Tax plays an important part in the entire operations of an organisation as well as an individual. We understand the importance of tax and therefore we provide a full range of services in the field of tax to assist you. Be it compliance, litigation or advisory, we are well equipped to handle critical tax issues in today’s tax environment.


Account and Bookkeeping

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, keeping track of your financials is essential to making informed business decisions. That’s when accounting and bookkeeping services comes in. We provide the following services:

  • Payroll and employment taxes
  • Sales and purchases Record keeping
  • Expenses
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Periodic Profit and Loss Statements preparation
  • Cash flow analysis

Banking Solution

We assist you in Bank loan processing and documentation for expansion of your business. We provides following services: 

  • Financing Counselling
  • Business Feasibility Study Report
  • Financial Projection
  • Subsidized Agricultural Loan Documentation
  • Agricultural Grants Documentation
Why Choose US

Dependable Service at affordable price

Clients often come to us because they feel let down by the lack of proactive advice and client care from their existing accountants. We are committed to providing the highest level of client service, from our responsiveness to client queries, to the accessibility of team members when you need them.

Small enough to care, large enough to deliver excellence

Trusted advice, imaginative solutions

Access to global opportunities and support

Adding value, not complication

Technology driven and experts in IT

An accessible team

Ensuring a smooth transition to NFRS

Specialists for when you need that extra knowledge

Keeping your finger on the pulse

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